We are a family owned and operated business in every sense of the word! Willie Steenkamp immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa in 1994 with his wife Anna and their five children.
After living on the North Shore and travelling to work in Manurewa for 3 years, Willie launched East Coast Bays Dental as he saw the need for a skilled, honest and trustworthy Dentist in the East Coast Bays area. Whilst managing the five kids, Anna worked closely with Willie in turning the practice into a success within the community and soon the practice was bustling and word spread of the new dentist in town!
Willie and Anna passed on their passion for dentistry and serving their community to two of their children who are now also a part of the practice! Jan and Anneke Steenkamp happily joined the team in 2007 and 2011 respectively and thoroughly enjoy working with each other and their parents!


Willie Steenkamp
- Dentist

Willie (pronounced Villie) graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1979, practising in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and in the UK, before immigrating to New Zealand in 1994, and then founding East Coast Bays Dental in 1997. His wife Anna manages the practice and they have 5 children and a growing number of grandchildren.Willies scopes of practice include all aspects of general dentistry and 20+ years of doing his own dental technician work.
‘My philosophy (and the practices philosophy), says Willie, is to give every patient inexpensive treatment options and to not pressure acceptance of a specific treatment option that the patient may not want or be able to afford at that time. I am prepared to save teeth in the shorter term and provide minimal intervention wherever possible. I am honest about the longevity, necessity and prognosis of all treatments and provide discounts for multiple fillings instead of charging full fees like most practitioners. I pride myself in honesty and trustworthiness and providing an affordable service without overcharging.’
I love nature and spend weekends working in the garden and jogging. Through the week I love to cook and experiment with different cuisines and enjoy music and dancing. I am a keen follower of the World Rally Championships and will always try to find a weekend to watch the WRC live in NZ. I am also a longtime member of the Reformed Church of the North Shore.

Jan Steenkamp
- Dental Therapist

I graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2007 as a Dental Therapist and hold a BHSc in Dental Therapy from Auckland University of Technology and a BHSc in Physiology from the University of Otago. 
I am dedicated to child and adolescent health care at East Coast Bays Dental, treating Secondary school students for free under the General Dental Benefit scheme. Dentistry allows me to put something back into the community and it is a great feeling every time I earn the trust of another satisfied patient.I have spent most of my life in New Zealand and grew up in a large close-knit Christian family. I am a fit and active family man enjoying running, rugby, fishing and family activities in my spare time.

Sandra Bekker
- Dentist

I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2006 and worked in a private practice in Bedfordview, S.A, before moving to New Zealand in 2013.
It gives me great joy to provide the best of care to my patients with a gentle touch. I enjoy all aspects of dentistry and love making those who are a little anxious about their visit feel at ease. 
In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano and have a keen interest in hand embroidery and cross stitch. I also love traveling and sightseeing.
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